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Welcome to one of the nation’s largest wood floor showrooms. Our beautiful, home-like ambience gives you the comfort and enjoyment of experiencing what life in your new home could feel like, as you explore endless displays of wood flooring samples, carpeting options, and stunning consignment furniture to compliment any space with beautiful finishing touches.
We work closely with your builder on production dates and installation. The benefit of using Summers Flooring & Design is our established relationships and reputation with building professionals decades in the making, which for you translate into a much easier, organized, and cost effective process throughout. Doing it right with the Summers family the first time will free you up to do other things you love, like spending more time with your family!

Designers Insight

After selecting a neighborhood, builder and floor plan, you may feel as if the process is now out of your control, but the truth is the fun is just beginning . Now is the time to think about selecting interior materials that will define your home and express your family’s lifestyle, needs and budget.

This is where Summers Flooring and Design Center in Bend, Oregon, steps in to make the selection process smoother, easier, more enjoyable and stress-free.


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