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Innovative UV Technology

Arboritec Finishes

Arboritec is a Swedish manufacturer of high-tech protective coatings for hardwood and resilient floors. They provide the most durable protection available through unrivaled material science. Arboritec builds floor coating and maintenance products based on proprietary liquid ceramic technology. The finishes exceed the strictest environmental standards allowing you to breathe easy and use the finishes with confidence.

Fortified with Ceramics

Ceramic silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust and it has been known for its hardness since the beginning of time. Specially developed production processes allow us to create more durable “ceramic-fortified” waterborne wood floor finishes making them tougher than ever. The ceramics within our waterborne finishes act like atomic rebar providing unrivalled support, durability and hardness.



Arboritec finishes lead the industry in strength and durability, giving your floors sophisticated beauty even under demanding use.

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